Toxic Wood Smoke

Exposure to wood smoke is harmful to health and environment. Children and the elderly are most at risk. Pregnant women and unborn should not be exposed to the toxic particulate matter produced by wood smoke. Wood smoke causes asthma, lung cancer and has been linked to SIDS. Everyone is affected by wood smoke inhalation. Toxic chemicals infiltrate your lungs, tissues, organs and blood cells. Urge public officials to declare wood smoke a public nuisance. You can help by signing our petition.

Protect Children From Toxic Wood Smoke

Protect Children From Toxic Wood Smoke

We are Residents against involuntary inhalation of wood smoke.


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One Response to “Toxic Wood Smoke”

  1. woodsmokefreeny Says:

    Residents opposed to toxic wood smoke from outdoor wood furnaces and boilers, wood stoves and fireplaces that are primarily used for heating entire homes. Wood smoke consumes neighborhoods making residents sick. Greatest effect is upon children and the elderly, cardiovascular patients, those with asthma and other respiratory problems. Our mission is to limit burning time and when appropriate STOP WOOD SMOKE.

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